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Drive Time

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Drive Time with Paul Saunders.

Monday through to Wednesday from 4 - 6pm

Paul Saunders presents the Drive Time Show on Swan Radio every Monday through Wednesday as well as the Friday Night Vibe Dance Show on Friday Evenings.

Inspired by his mother’s love of music (she constantly had the radio on at home when he was growing up), Paul got into the music  industry and radio in the Czech Republic. He cut his teeth learning to DJ at the legendary Rock Cafe in Prague, before moving on to a start a brand new radio station Radio Cerna Hora in the North of the country, where he not only had his own show (broadcasting in two languages), but was also head of music for a station broadcasting to over a million people.

After leaving Prague to return home to the UK, he played at pubs and events such as weddings and New Years Eve celebrations before returning to radio in 2019 with Swan Radio, 26 years after his last broadcast.

Paul is a lover of new music of all kinds, he adores travel and worked previously in both Switzerland and India, is a part time but former professional Astrologer, he is snooker devotee, and an Arsenal fan for his sins…

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