Team Members

Presenter of Fazaaa's House Party on Friday Nights!

Broadcaster of the "Curtain Up" show every Thursday lunchtime.

Sam hosts the "Music Rolls Round" show every Tuesday evening.

Paul is our Drive Time Broadcaster and Presents Friday Night Vibe.

Freddie & Holly host the Late Night Cocktails AND Sunday Soiree Shows at the weekend.

Broadcaster for "The end of the Week Show" and the Breakfast shows on Mondays & Tuesdays

Broadcaster of the "Wood & Coe 80's Show"

Broadcaster of the "Wood & Coe 80's Show" and "Girls Just Wanna Have Fun!"

Founder Member and Director of Swan-Radio

A bit of an unusual child! Wiring all the radios in the house to receive his broadcasts from his make shift bedroom studio, Colin replaced Jimmy Young with his own choice of music, news and chat. His love of music and entertainment was evident even at 10. Having two older brothers who also loved very diverse choices in music helped nourish a hunger to listen and steal music from their bedrooms. From the eldest brother, Colin “borrowed” albums from Lead Belly, The incredible string band and Frank Zappa. His middle brother subliminally donated works from his Motown collection and a decent amount of reggae. Securing a first job in a record company, provided the opportunity to really feel part of the great 70`s music scene and obtain white label copies for free!  In the evenings and weekends time was spent working as a DJ at clubs, hotels and just about every type of event. From playing music at Rock Against Racism events to strict tempo “MoR” music nights – it didn’t matter as long as it was music and the audience enjoyed what was played. Since the early years, ambition, talent and a hunger for knowledge has taken Colin on many journeys. The teenage romantic years, gave way to a period of study and hard work, leaving the music industry for a career in business and technology. Today, Colin runs a successful Company involved in Satellite technology. His work still involves visiting broadcasters around the World. Whilst working in the USA and the Middle East, Colin has been a keen visitor to local radio stations and always ready to join in as a contributor. Colin holds qualifications in Electrical Engineering, Business Administration and a post grad Diploma in Marketing. He is a member of the Chartered Institute of Marketing and an ex-vice Chairman of the Heathrow Branch. With a little free time available and a real desire to contribute within the community, Colin would like to use his skills, personality within an environment where he can really contribute.   - The world of community radio seems like a great place to do this. .   Director of Swan-Radio

Tammy hosts "Turn it Up" on Thursdays &  The Breakfast Show every Saturday Morning!

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